Sunday, April 18, 2010

What have i LEARNT!

Finally, my hell-ish final semester is over... I might not be Dante Alighieri, but I do have my own version of Inferno to tell here:

1. "Not Everyone Thinks Like You Do"
I remember this statement was told by Chewy Chong, the guest lecturer from Microsoft in one of the classes. I strongly agree with this statement that people just don't have the same mentality as yours. This statement had been proven over and over again throughout my whole experience in this module. For example, during discussion, great ideas can never be delivered to people without a good communication. You simply cannot expect people to understand your thought without proper communication. Unfortunately, communication skill is always my greatest flaw :(.

At the same time, I do realize that some people (not you guys from the class :)) often think too highly of themselves. They often label others "less intelligent" than them, categorizing people without even try knowing them in person. This kind of people often believe that they know others well but in fact they are not. However, there isn't a need for people to prove what they are not, life is short and there're simply too many important things to do.

2. People Learn the Best In Worst Situation
This is in fact the most busiestest semester I ever had in my whole university's life. I had at least one deadline per week throughout the last 13weeks. However, I believe only situation like this that people can be driven for success. I always believe that pressure is the healthy. Without these pressures, I can never be able to complete 2.5 applications, participate 2 competitions, and learning a lot random but useful skills. Also, only time like this that people will start to value their time, and hence learn to manage their time better.

I also learned that disaster tends to occur when group of great people working together. When one working with many strong partners, he/she will tends to migrate to comfort zone, and start relying on others. This will eventually turning into a negative vicious cycle, where people will soon gain more and more inertia, and finally disaster happens.

3. Opportunities Everywhere!
I have also learnt that, opportunities are everywhere out there! You just need to look for it. I'm glad that I grab my opportunity to join this module which I always wanted to join. I would have missed the chances to meet great people, stories, and other opportunities such as Imagine Cup, Google Wave API challenge etc if that one day decided not to join CS3216.

Some of the entrepreneurship talks I had in this module had strongly motivated me in many ways. I'm really thankful for that.

4. Besides of that, I have also learnt :
i. Technical Skills : Facebook API, Google Wave API, Microsoft Team Explorer, MVC2.0 etc etc
ii. Do or Die
iii. Stop Complaining and Do it NOW
iv. Experience > Success

Thank You.


  1. LOL! Heartfelt for point 2.
    I like 4ii "Do or Die"

  2. really great to have been able to work with you. All the best for Imagine Cup and the Google API challenge!